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Business Skills

For staff to be effective they need the right tools, the right training and the right techniques to maximize their innate talents. Starting with strong communication skills and effective business practices through customer service your operations are only as effective as your people. Our on-site training gives your team the fundamental skills, practical knowledge and confidence to deal with the complexities of day to day operations with greater ease and efficiency. Allow your team to reach their potential with our engaging, interactive and experiential workshops.

You hire talented individuals with specific skill sets – yet no individual no matter how brilliant knows everything that’s where our roster of Business Skills programming comes in. Our courses provide an opportunity to increase the overall business acumen of your team.

We have off the shelf solutions and/or we can customize to your specific need. For a course outline of any of the following workshops simply ‘Contact Us’.

  • Achieving Goals – Creating Results
  • Building Business Acumen
  • Coaching for Effectiveness, Improvement and Growth
  • Conflict Management for Staff
  • Customer Service – Handling Stress for Front Line Staff
  • Dealing with Customer Complaints
  • Effective Work Teams
  • Effectively Using Social Media in a Government Environment
  • Emotional Intelligence: the Path to Peak Performance
  • Feedback: The Key to Motivation
  • Influence Without Authority
  • Innovation and Creative Thinking
  • Interest-based Negotiation Model: Getting To Resolution
  • Internal Consulting Skills (2 day)
  • Introduction to Continuous Improvement
  • Leading Productive Internal and External Meetings
  • Managing Difficult Customers
  • Measuring Program Performance
  • Moving into Supervision or Management
  • Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction
  • Redesigning Work Process for Service Improvement
  • Shaping Organizational Vision and Mission through Strategic Planning
  • Train the Trainer
  • Writing Winning Proposals and Business Cases

For an outline of any our courses please Contact us