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Communication Skills

Communication Skills create the foundation of business and professional success.

At Essential Communications, we are all about communication. Strong verbal and written communications skills are the key to career advancement and career success.

We present to inform, to educate, to motivate and / or to persuade. Whether it is ‘presentation skills’ in a leadership capacity, overcoming stage fright or incorporating stories into business briefings, the ability to present well is an essential business skill. The ability to present well is a foundation piece for career advancement and Essential has the courses and coaching to take you to the next level. See Make Better Presentations.

We need strong ‘interpersonal skills’ to be effective leaders or impactful team members. Beyond presenting to create maximum impact, star performers are focused listeners who have developed ease in engaging others and know how to ‘conduct difficult conversations‘ in a managerial / supervisory role. Whether it is our course on “Taking Your Interpersonal Skills to the Next Level”, our workshop on “Workplace Feedback” or a session on “Difficult Conversations”, we have the content to lead you to be a better communicator.

The more we need to read the less we want to read. From texts to tweets, we now live in a world of succinct writers. Our e-mails need to be on point, our briefing notes focused on facts, details, decisions and determinations. Our written communication workshops, ensure that your correspondence and writing style are clear and contemporary.

Essential taught me to relate to my audience on a professional and dialectic level, to develop a two-way relationship with them; to have a conversation with them, not to lecture at them. They helped me to unlearn a great many previously taught “communications techniques” and to focus on developing my own personal style. Equally important over our sessions together, the facilitator taught me now to refine (read: clarify and minimize) the message in my slides so that the audience could focus on my presence and my key message.

Steven Davis-Mendelow,
Ph.D, Manager,
Markets & Airline Analysis,
Bombardier Aerospace

We offer Verbal and Written Communication Skills workshops and programs on Training, Facilitation and Design. Full program outlines are available for all courses simply Contact US.


  • Advanced Presentation Skills (two day)
  • Clear, Concise, Engaged and Energized Presentations
  • Speaking Clearly and Confidently
  • Communication Essentials: Taking Your Communication Skills to the Next Level
  • Assertive Communication (In the Workplace)
  • Group Facilitation Skills
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Intercultural Communication: Bridging Language and Culture
  • Difficult Conversations: Talking About What Matters Most
  • Feedback: the Key to Motivation
  • Communicating with Different Personalities
  • Empowering Introverts in the Workplace
  • Persuasion and Impact
  • Delivering a Successful Sales Presentation


  • Writing Reports and Briefing Notes
  • Writing for Today: Effective Letters, Emails, Correspondence and Reports
  • Improving Your Grammar and Spelling
  • Plain and Powerful Language