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Communication & Presentation Skills

At Essential Communications, we help organizations train, retrain and revitalize their workforce with practical learning solutions. We follow-through with courses that enhance communication and presentation skills in ways that are engaging, effective and "sticky"; in other words, participants recall and apply the skills long after the session is completed. What can we do for you?

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We offer programs and workshops on both written and verbal communications. Our workshops focusing on written communication are designed to ensure that your writing style is not only clear but also contemporary. The proliferation of texting and tweeting dictates that our writing must be succinct. Even emails and other business communications such as briefing notes and client reports must be refined to deliver the intended message precisely and powerfully.

Our communications training is experiential, and the process is one of facilitation. While some participants are hesitant to become involved, our inclusive and encouraging environment leads to an enjoyable opportunity to practise the skills. We help reduce people's anxiety levels and help speakers speak with more confidence, with more presence, with more passion, while maintaining their authenticity.

What makes our Presentation Skills training really effective is the way in which we work with people in facilitated groups. We give them individual feedback in a group setting. We're teaching them to be stronger, more engaging, authentic presenters. We focus on what you need to do in advance of the presentation, and what you need to do in the moment of the presentation to be impactful. We demonstrate throughout the workshop what works, allowing the participants to make clear, concise, engaged and energized presentations.

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