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Communication & Presentation Skills


We offer programs and workshops on both written and verbal communications. Our workshops focusing on written communication are designed to ensure that your writing style is not only clear but also contemporary. The proliferation of texting and tweeting dictates that our writing must be succinct. Even emails and other business communications such as briefing notes and client reports must be refined to deliver the intended message precisely and powerfully.  Our Managing Director, Ian Kennedy, is an innovative presenter and facilitator who creates lasting tangible results for the people who become involved in his workshops. Following his lead, all of our facilitators are expert communicators who understand that building a relationship with the audience is at the core of any successful workshop, presentation, or business meeting.  

Our real world case studies and engaging style create memorable training.

What's unique about the work we do is our relationship with the client. We don't rely on powerpoints or lectures - we engage in a conversation. We spend a lot of time developing unique experiential exercises. It's not a "training session"; it's facilitated learning amongst a group of people. We work on ways to have more of the learning become what we call "sticky". Rather than provide an enormous workbook and tons of powerpoint slides, most of which will be quickly forgotten, we enable learning to come from the group with the end result that the information is retained longer.  Our communications training is experiential, and the process is one of facilitation. While some participants are hesitant to become involved, our inclusive and encouraging environment leads to an enjoyable opportunity to practise the skills. We help reduce people's anxiety levels and help speakers speak with more confidence, with more presence, with more passion, while maintaining their authenticity.   

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For an outline of our workshops, simply contact us. We have a full suite of ready-made courses for your whole business team, or we will be happy to customize a program for your specific needs.

What makes our Presentation Skills training really effective is the way in which we work with people in facilitated groups. We give them individual feedback in a group setting. We're teaching them to be stronger, more engaging, authentic presenters. We focus on what you need to do in advance of the presentation, and what you need to do in the moment of the presentation to be impactful. We demonstrate throughout the workshop what works, allowing the participants to make clear, concise, engaged and energized presentations.   Our full suite of communications skills wokrshops creates a foundation for business and personal success. We specialize in presentation skills training.   

At Essential Communications, we create understanding through facilitating conversations. Talking with others is a very different experience from listening to lecture material and viewing powerpoint slides. We conduct our learning workshops by facilitating and leading an interactive dialogue, and creating a balance between talking and listening to ensure that all participants come away with meaningful learning that is recalled and applied to real world situations long after the workshop is over.

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