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Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold

Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold is an author, facilitator and a professional speaker. She focuses on wellness in the workplace, compassion, self-care and personal development. She has worked with the York Region District School Board, Victim Services, York Regional Police Service, The City of Toronto,The Waterfront Neighbourhood Community Centre, Micro Skills, TEMA, Service Canada and other community groups.

She has guest lectured at Humber College and Bermuda College.

Randi-Mae specializes in delivering and creating programs for employees who work in high-stress environment and focuses on self-care mindfulness and stress management.

Prior to starting her own coaching and wellness business, she was a crisis counsellor for five years at Victim Services of Peel and Victim Services of Durham.

Randi-Mae is a published author and has meditations available on the application Insight Timer.

She is a registered Social Serivce Worker. Holding a diploma in Social Services from Humber College and a degree in Family and Community Social Services from The University of Guelph.

A certificate in Applied Mindful Meditation from the University of Toronto and several other trainings in threat assessment and domestic violence.

Randi-Mae brings a high level of vibrancy and compassion when she works with groups and organizations. She genuinely believes that a workplace can be a place where wellness and health are the standard.

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