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Make Better Presentations


Delivering impactful presentations is: a foundation of success and a virtual prerequisite for career advancement. When we don’t present well we diminish our potential. Whether it be a one off in a meeting or a keynote presentation – when we aren’t impactful it is a missed opportunity.

Along with theory on how to construct a presentation, the use of visuals and videos and how to successfully manage a Q&A … we address the core elements of engagement. We look at how to ensure you connect with your audience – how to bring to energy to your presentation.

Nervousness, fidgeting and uncertainty undermine confidence – both on the part of the speaker and the audience. Our “Clear Concise Engaged and Energized Presentations” is a proven workshop that prepares participants to present with confidence.

Our success is due to the highly experiential components of our workshops. They have been designed for those who need to be practiced and competent in presenting their ideas in differing situations.

Leaders who don’t present well are not seen as strong leaders. They are leaders with a caveat. Aspiring leaders who want to take that next step – need to be able to present with clarity, confidence, and energy.

At Essential the core of our business is working with people to ensure they ‘present better. At a sales call, during a meeting, addressing the board, rallying the troops, a wedding … when you need to present better … you need Essential Communications training and coaching.

No matter how complex, detailed or dry your subject matter – we will help you ensure your audience has a positive experience and walks away from your presentation with a clear understanding of your message.

We provide one to one Presentation Skills coaching as well as one and two day group sessions.

It’s interactive, fun and effective. Liked the practical component – giving our speeches in front of each other. Thanks for a great 2 days! I enjoyed the opportunity to practice with my peers in a friendly supportive environment. Ian gave us some great practical tips that we can use in the workplace. Thank you!

Maureen Lynch, ABC
Senior Communications Advisor
Strategic Communications Counsel & Planning|Communications & Marketing Division
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care


  • Clear, Concise, Engaged and Energized Presentations
  • Advanced Presentation Skills (two day)
  • Speaking Clearly and Confidently
  • Delivering a Successful Sales Presentation

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