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Make Better Presentations

Your nervousness, fidgeting and uncertainty undermine the audience’s confidence in your message. We will help you overcome presentation jitters.

You will learn how to deliver clear, concise, engaged and energized presentations to increase the impact and influence of your message. This is a hands-on, performance based program structured as a presentation skills rehearsal. You will begin by examining 7 strategies for minimizing anxiety and engage in an experiential exercise to reduce stress.

Engaging an audience is not a theory – it is a thing we do. So next you will learn a tried and true strategy to engage an audience receiving individual feedback from the facilitator and your peers.

Along the way you will discover the effective use of PowerPoint, how to/when to move on stage and when and when not to use a podium.

So whether you are next up to present at a meeting, a wedding, a job interview, a sales presentation or required to deliver a speech. You will benefit from this program.

Simply stated, you will be a better presenter at the end of the day than when you first arrive

This classroom proven workshop supports you in presenting with confidence. The workshop’s success has been due to its highly experiential component (actual presentation practice sessions). It has been designed for those who need to be practiced and competent in presenting their ideas in differing situations.

So if you want to harness your anxiety – be more engaging, speak louder, develop a clearer message while using fewer and more effective slides – you want to click below and enroll in:

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Hundreds and hundreds of people have attended this workshop. Looking at 2018, 95% of attendees “highly recommend” this course.


  • Clear, Concise, Engaged and Energized Presentations Next public offering: March 8, 2019
  • Advanced Presentation Skills (two day)

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Here is what others have said about our Presentation Skills courses:

It’s interactive, fun and effective. Liked the practical component – giving our speeches in front of each other. Thanks for a great 2 days! I enjoyed the opportunity to practice with my peers in a friendly supportive environment. Ian gave us some great practical tips that we can use in the workplace. Thank you!

Maureen Lynch, ABC
Senior Communications Advisor
Strategic Communications Counsel & Planning | Communications& Marketing Division
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Essential taught me to relate to my audience on a professional and dialectic level, to develop a two-way relationship with them; to have a conversation with them, not to lecture at them. They helped me to unlearn a great many previously taught “communications techniques” and to focus on developing my own personal style. Equally important over our sessions together, the facilitator taught me how to refine (read: clarify and minimize) the message in my slides so that the audience could focus on my presence and my key message.

Steven Davis-Mendelow,
Ph.D, Manager,
Markets & Airline Analysis,
Bombardier Aerospace