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At Essential we provide leading edge training that is engaging and impactful. We are communications experts. Our team of facilitators all understand that at the core of a successful workshop, speech or coaching session – is relationship. We create relationships with audiences – from 1 to 100, allowing for clear, concise, focused, engaged and energized communication.

Experiential training: involves learning from experience. The theory was proposed by psychologist According to Kolb, this type of learning can be defined as

Essential Communications training sessions are always engaging, relevant and practical. Good people – easy to work with. Always great feedback from staff – they come away from Essential Communications workshops energized and motivated.

Lisa Moran,
Library Service Manager
Toronto Public Library

A central focus of our training programs is how we facilitate the process. Our training is experiential. We always create an inclusive environment and two way learning relationship. We use relevant, realistic case studies, and have often heard from participants who usually don’t enjoy role plays – that our enjoyed the opportunity to practice using the skills they’ve learned.

Knowledge results from the combinations of grasping and transforming experience.

David Kolb, PhD, Experiential Learning, Harvard University

Founded by Managing Director Ian Kennedy in 1992, since its inception Essential Communications, incorporated in 1997, has focused on business skills, leadership and communication. Over the past 20+ years Essential has taught 1000s of individuals to make effective,engaging, powerful presentations.

We are market leaders with a depth of knowledge training in unionized public sector organizations. Whether it is an Emerging Leaders Program or a Leadership course on Authentic Conversations or Coaching or a Business Skills course on Leading Productive Meetings, we have a depth of experience and a hugely successful track record. Our Clear Concise Engaged and Energized Presentations program and other Communications skills courses on Assertiveness or Workplace feedback regularly score 95 to 100% in client satisfaction surveys.